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The magnitude of hunger -
a problem unknown to many. While we excel in various fields, lets work to conquer the pain of hunger.


We need support for funds, for distribution, both normal times and in times of crisis like natural calamities -help us reach out to those in need


Help us to make eradication of hunger a movement Spread the word, help us reach givers so we can reach those in need.


According to India State Hunger Index, we have 200 million people in our country who are "food insecure". Let us work together to do what we can.

Chennai Roti Bank is a non-profit, organization that bridges the gap between hunger and contentment.

Let's Take action now
to feed the hungry.

Understanding the issue

Are we aware of the population of undernourished children in our country? Are we aware of mortality rates due to hunger? Its truly alarming to think 4500 children die every day due to hunger. A little compassion, or avoiding waste, contributing just a little can become someone’s lifeline.

Make a Donation

We splurge for various occasions from birthdays, anniversary, weddings, festivals – its our right. But include a few hungry stomachs – make this a reason to contribute. There is someone out there who is happy today because of you.


Be a Volunteer

Volunteer who can transport, who can help with distribution, or pay for these services. We need you on our data base. We need you especially  during emergencies during crisis, during natural calamities like the recent rains – havoc to those in need. 

Spread the Word

Help us fill empty plates, in turn an empty stomach. We are just a phone call away to help some one in need. And if you can chance to visit our work, we sure could reach great heights to help many in this mission to reach this basic need. 


The Reality

UNICEF Report – 8.8 lakh children under 5 died due to starvation. Over 20 crore Indians sleep empty stomach every day.   More than 7000 die every day due to hunger. Malnourishment and anemia are great silent killers in India – unnoticed because that population is invisible – below poverty line.  

A Meal at Night

Every night pavement dwellers in various pockets of Chennai, patients Attenders at Institute of Mental Health, Iyanavaram, where Patients young and old from across the states seek treatment for mental illness. Their families are daily wage earners and need to be there with their ward. A meal at night is awaited and appreciated.


Youth Clubs and children

Selected Youth Clubs (started by the Police to harness Children’s energies) get a meal after their activities in the evening – they are children from age 6 to 16- happy to go home with a stomach full. 

When Rain Hits

The crisis when rains lashed Chennai – there were the homeless, there were homes which were inundated and people were in grief. CRB reached out to various zones and partnered with NGOs to distribute a night meal wherever we could. 

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